BIRD Automotive  Division. IFCE Corp.

  Covid 19 has boomed our orders.  We are open normal hours and fully staffed

Sales and Ordering.   BIRD Automotive sells its products factory direct and through a very limited number of dealers.  We speak personally with every customer to assure that what they order meets their needs and expectations.  A little old fashioned perhaps, but as a consequence, customers are satisfied and our product returns are extraordinarily low, less than 1/2 of 1%.  We've done this successfully by phone and email for 25+ years.


Support and Sales are by phone and email.

Our phone responsiveness has been consistently rated excellent.  Payment usually by  Visa or Mastercard.


To Request a Price Quote and/or ask questions by Email

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Contact information is:

Monterey, CA   1 (203) 834-1119.   ¬†Office Hours are 7am to 9pm, California time,  Monday thru Friday and most Saturdays


We also have London UK and Sydney AU telephone numbers which ring in CA  with no long distance charges to USA.


London UK +44  (0) 207 993 4167. call 15:00-24:00 UK time.


Sydney AU +61 26 145 2513.  call 06:00-14:00 AU time.




Pricing.  Bird Bike Racks are less expensive than most roof rack or trailer hitch systems and are sold complete, ready to drive after installation. Prices average about $400 for 1-3 bikes, depending on the car make, model and year. Prices for each Rack are shown on the web page for each particular car.


Ski/Snowboard Racks when purchased as an addition to a Bike Rack are $150 extra each. They can be purchased separately or with the Bike Rack.


Luggage Rack and Golf Bag Carrier pricing is also $150.   Again, prices for each Rack are shown on the web page for each particular car.


US sales taxes are charged only when shipping to California or Connecticut.

Inernational duty, usually about 2%-3%, and VAT are collected by the shipping company at time of delivery


Shipment is usually by UPS for continental USA and Priority Mail for Canada and International locations.  Both provide our customers with email shipment progress notification and tracking.  UPS ground freight to eastern US destinations is usually 4-5 business days.  Midwest and midsouth locations by ground are normally 3-4 days.  Western states ground is 1-2 business days.  International shipments are usually about 2 weeks. Accelerated shipment is available as required.  Freight costs vary greatly and increase often:  we will quote them based on your product and location.


We look forward to hearing from you.      Sam Bird.