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Audi TT  and Audi 3 4 5 Series

Rack Technical Details


The Bird Automotive Audi TT Rack and  Audi 3 4 5 Series Rack for Coupes and Convertibles is installed in the provided Receiver Pipes. The two Pipes serve as receivers for all versions of the Rack in a manner similar to trailer hitch racks seen on SUV's.  They are 1"  25mm diameter, black, and are intentionally inconspicuous, nearly invisible without bending over to look.  The Audi TT and Audi 3 4 5 Series Bicycle Racks carry 1, 2 or 3 bikes. Golf Bag Carrier, Luggage Rack, Ski Rack and Snowboard Rack Options are available for all of these cars. When not in use, the Racks are easily removed in a couple of minutes and Bike Racks can be stored in the trunk/boot.  Snow Racks and Golf/Luggage Racks can also be stored in the trunk,  requiring a few more minutes.  No tools are required to prepare the racks for trunk storage.


 Installation/Fitment of the Receiver Pipes. Accomplished  in 1-2 hours working under the car and in the trunk/boot by anyone of average mechanical ability. Installation requires no special hand tools or removal of any bumper or body components.  Because the car is so low, the rear must be raised at least 4" 10 cm to access the under car locations.  Ramps,  jack stands, or a professional lift are required.  Using the factory jack is not an option.  Thorough illustrated instructions are provided; about half our customers install themselves.  If assistance is needed, we can help locater a qualified installer/fitter.


Assembly of the removable portion of the rack requires about an hour and can be done in any location.  We encourage customers to do this themselves to better understand exactly how the rack works.  Once completed, the rack goes on or off the car in a couple of minutes.