BIRD Automotive  Division. IFCE Corp.

Customers Say some of the nicest things.  "Dear Bird Automotive, I just had to drop you a note to thank you for my Bicycle Rack. I really appreciated the rush order. As promised it was easy to install, and really easy to use. We went on a week long trip and took our 2 mountain bikes, it worked great, didn't use any trunk space and the bikes were safe & secure ( we didn't even have to remove the front tires). On top of all that it looks really cool!!! I couldn't be happier with it. I get envious stares and questions from fellow (New Beetle) owners.. when it's on the car, of course I tell them who to call. Thank you so much for taking the time to answer my questions , my spouse was so impressed with my choice. This way we don't have to hoist our bikes onto the roof after a long ride, and with the bikes attached you don't even know it's there. It's really great! Thank You!! Sincerely."

a San Francisco Bay area customer.


Texas report: Sam, I received and installed your 981 (2014 Boxster) bike rack and want to congratulate you on an excellent job. It is very well engineered and constructed. It fits great and works so well I can honestly say it is the best bike rack I have ever owned by far. You have thought of everything to make sure it will last from o-ring seals to keep water out of the tubes and to help alignment, lock nuts on key components, adjustable handles to make sure there is no interference with a bike, the right thickness tubes, great hardware, excellent protection for the car with sleeves to protect paint and velcro pads to protect the inside, and excellent protection for the bike.  Kudos,  Jim C. Amen, brother.  Enjoy!


From San Diego: "I recently ordered, received and installed your bike rack for my 2002 Boxster S and I am SO appreciative of the quality of the design and ease of installation.  Everything fit perfectly, went together easily and the sturdiness of the unit is superb.  Even without the Porsche factory bike rack to compare against (with its terrible reputation for noise and time-consuming installation and the inability to raise or lower the roof once installed), your bike rack is a winner.  Easy to load up bikes, secure at speed, no noise…I am a grateful and very satisfied customer. Mike S."


Loveland, Colorado: "We already have your bike rack made for our TT Roadster and are very happy with it.  We would like to purchase the ski attachments.  Is it possible to just purchase the extra parts needed to add to our rack? (Yes) ... Thanks so much for making these great products.  Just last week, we toured around the mountains in Colorado with our tandem bicycle attached with your rack.  The bicycle is obviously longer than our TT is wide, which is quite eye-catching.  It's a great way to travel.  Thanks again-Kristin L."


Alun O. from Cardiff wrote: "Dear Bird Automotive.  Please find enclosed some pictures >>> of the rack I bought from you in February. I traveled Europe (from UK) for two weeks taking in the Tour De France. The photos are of the Car in Monaco Harbor and on Mount Ventoux opposite the Tommy Simpson Memorial. It performed as you stated and there wasn't a hitch and it was mountain and speed tested. A totally excellent product.  Kind regards."


Hot Springs AR: "Got the kit and installed yesterday (2015 BMW Z4 28i). Quick delivery and well packed.  Great design, good instructions, went on smoothly. Thanks, George    Use me if you need endorsements.

 We don't bother our customers with contacts from prospective customers, but we're grateful for the offer.  And, we love getting pictures, show them on our web, and always hide license plates.


Jim B. Kent, WA: "I placed an order today

and wanted to share my appreciation for the time you spent with me on the phone to help me get my order right.  I received the UPS notice and all of the information is spot on. Quality customer service…sometimes a rare art these days. Thanks".


We really enjoy being old fashioned-in our marketing department.


The Chief Designer  of a major car manufacturer retired recently and wrote: "I have just completed installation of your Storage Armrest in my Boxster S.  The results are fantastic and fit in with the overall design of the interior extremely well.  The quality of your product is outstanding!  I was very impressed with the inside finish of the armrest insert.  This is an area that a high volume manufacturer would have made the entire part out of` plastic with an obvious trade off of inside quality.  The look is great and really works with the Boxster's leather."  This gentleman knows cars. We gave the crew the rest of the day off after his letter arrived.


Sorry-Armrests are no longer in production.  Literally, thousands of appreciative Armrest customers.  Probably can be found on eBay.


UK.  Jaguar F Type:.  "Hi Sam. Hope you got the pictures. (We did). I would like to tell you how pleased I am with your product. Your fitting instructions were very comprehensive and easy to follow.  ...What I did notice about the rack was the quality of it. The grade of metal used is far superior to anything else we would see in the UK and as a result I feel very confident that my cycle rack will last me years and hold my bikes safely.


Regards, Richard.     Please feel free to publish any or all of my comments on your web site if you want to". Done.  Thanks.


Indiana Brian. "I just wanted to say thanks for the great bike rack for my 370z. I really enjoy using this rack considering I can attach in just a couple of minutes.  ...

I continue to push your product on a car forum that I frequent. Some like it, some don't like the price and some are just "garage queens" that don't think you should spoil the Z with a bike rack. Personally, I think that's bizarre. I drive my car year 'round and mount the bike as much as I can.

I'll deny this in court, but because of the quality of your rack, my bike is one of few that has traveled in excess of ..."  (we don't want to know).

"I really enjoy quality engineering and just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy this rack. It has helped me become more fit".