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Bird Automotive Golf Bag Carrier - Luggage Rack Technical Details

The Golf Bag Carrier - Luggage Rack is available for all the cars which Bird Automotive supports, either as a separate order product or as an addition to a Bike Rack and/or a Snowrack.


The Rack enables drivers short and tall to load and unload¬†one or two golf bags or suitcases very quickly, leaving the trunk fully accessible and available.¬†Bags and cargo do not touch the car.  Paint and body are protected.


Car trunks, boots and hatches open without Rack interference. Racks can be stored in the trunk or cargo area of most cars.  The under-bumper Receiver Pipes which support the Rack are inconspicuous additions to the car.


Designed to blend into the car attractively and aerodynamically, this rack eliminates unattractive, inconvenient, noisy roof racks, trailer hitches, and trunk mounted contraptions. The Bird Automotive Car Rack System looks cool, on or off the car.


Built to the highest standards, stainless steel, galvanized steel and aluminum components are used throughout.  Digitally controlled tools and conscientious old-world craftsmen assure consistent quality.  Our design objective is for each System to last as long as the car.


When not in use the Straps and Upper Crosstube are easily removed. The Platform can also be quickly detached for storage with the Rack in most car's trunk/boot.


The Golf Bag Carrier - Luggage Racks use a pair of  vertical Legs which are inserted into receiver Pipes installed under the bumper.  The Carrier/Rack consists of a 12" x 24" (300 x 600 mm) Platform attached to the Vertical Legs. Cargo is secured by two provided straps which go around each golf bag and suitcase, holding the cargo tightly against the forward upper Crosstube and lower Crossbars.  Tested at speed to safely carry up to 100 pounds (45 Kilos).


Rack Pricing is shown on the Page for each individual car.


 Available for: Porsche Boxster, Porsche Cayman, BMW Z4. BMW 3 Convertible, Audi A3, Audi A4, Audi A5, Audi TT, Jaguar F Type, Mercedes SLK, Ferrari F355, Ferrari 348, Honda S2000, Honda Insight, Nissan 350Z, Nssan 370Z,  Infiniti G35, Infiniti G37, Chevrolet Volt, Toyota Prius, Toyota Prius V, VW New Beetle.